Happy Clothes Weather.

I know you guys are so sick of us complaining about weather, and hopefully it will stop once we are satisfied, but let's face it, weather is a major determining factor in what clothes we wear, and frankly, I am real sick of layers and boots and scarves and coats and all those other clothes that mean that it is winter. SICK of them I tell you!

But today, my friends, is not one of those days. No. Today is a spring day. A day for bright colors, florals, nude shoes, and tightless legs. A day for frolicking in the park, feeding the ducks, and going for a walk. A day for an outfit like this one:

 {skirt: 4.00 Thrifted, shirt: 5.00 Rue21, shoes: 21.50 Shiekh Shoes}

So let us all (even those of you who think Spring weather is old news, namely those of you whole live in Arizona, Southern California, or other locations that are warm and that I should probably move to one of these days) enjoy this lovely-weathered day. And maybe some of you with even warmer temps can go get some sun on your skin in honor of my white legs.

Yours truly,


{what i wore wednesday}