Graduation and validation.

My husband and I have started a Monday night tradition where we go get frozen yogurt from our favorite joint here in Logan. I am obsessed. Last night I got cake batter frozen yogurt with cookie dough, cheesecake bites, snickers, and hot fudge. Sometimes I get fruit and granola and other healthy stuff. So don’t judge me. The calorie-filled treat was definitely well deserved. And delicious.

Something else well deserved? Big, HUGE congratulations to W for graduating from college in a couple weeks! She has worked SO hard! We are going to celebrate so much, and I am planning the most amazing gift basket for her. Everyone give her a shout out if you can. And congrats to all you other graduates!

Last year before my graduation I planned my outfit for like 2 months, which is totally ridiculous since it was covered by a gown the whole day. But I couldn’t help it. If any of you are doing the same, please let me know. I love me some validation.

And while you are at it, go ahead and validate me in regards to this outfit, which includes another one of those homemade-ish skirts we love, a chunky necklace, and colored shoes with black tights.

{shirt: 4.50 thrifted, necklace: 9.00 kohls, skirt: 6.50 ROSS (formerly a dress), shoes: 6.75 Target}

I will now return the favor by validating you. Here goes: You are ridiculously attractive! Your outfit is fabulous! You are going to be awesome at your presentation/test/first date/etc today! You are a wonderful human being!!!!

It feels good doesn't it?
Have a fabulous Tuesday.