Flowers. Two Kinds.

Guys. It's two and a half weeks until finals. I am really hurting here. I have depleted my girl scout cookie reserves, I am pretty much hooked up to a diet coke IV, and I have no time for the soothing calm of retail therapy as I am being forced to spend all of my time with homework, my archenemy.

It's pretty much threat level orange around here. {If you aren't familiar with, you know, homeland defense jargon, I will interpret: stuff is bad.}

So today I share with you two things that are keeping me going at this time when my collegiate afflictions are many: Flowers. Two kinds.

First, wearing flowers:

Top: TJMaxx $12.99, Skirt Embelle Boutique $12,
Necklace: c/o Embelle Boutique, Shoes: Old Navy $5.99

It's true, wearing a springy floral top almost makes me forget to complain as much.
This is something my husband thanks his lucky stars for.

Second, listening to Flowers. Brandon Flowers, that is. 

Sure, the video is kinda strange, but the man himself and his music are glorious. Close your eyes while you listen and all your cares about your 40 page thesis nearly fly out the window. Yes, they come crashing back down after the 4 minutes and 30 seconds of bliss are over, but you know, win some/lose some.

Hope you have some flowers around you today to make you happy! If you are real lucky maybe you even have real ones actually coming out of the ground and not covered in snow like someone I know {me}. If you do, get out and smell them. Then come tell me about it. I'm going to need a study break.

ox/ W.