Easter Dresses {W. Edition}

Don't you love how if you keep some clothes long enough suddenly they become cute again and seem brand new? I do. I wish that same principle applied to food because if it did I would have a fridge full of tupperwares of deliciousness and not greeness, but I digress...

My Easter dress was not new...exactly. I purchased the thing about 5 years ago for a dear friends wedding and never really wore it again. It had about 6 inches of net stuff that stuck out of the skirt like a tutu and while at the time, apparently it made perfect sense to wear a tutu to a wedding, strangely enough I just haven't had any need for one since. However, in my old thrifty age I realized that the tutu could go and the cuteness of the dress could live on, so I snipped out the net lining, and voila! What's old is new again.

I also have another story pertaining to this outfit. It is a short one. I will tell it now. I adore Jessica Quirk from What I Wore. I'm sure you do too. Her closet is amazing and lots of the stuff she wears she refasions or makes herself which makes me love her even more. If you don't know her then brace yourself because you are about to fall madly in love with her too when you see this outfit of hers from a few weeks ago:

{find outfit here}
Does it make you want to breakup with your boyfriend and date her? Or at least date that dress? I thought it might. It is perfection. And since she wore it I have gone back to look at it several times because I love it. So, the moral of this story is that I love her. And I sorta tried to copy her outfit with my Easter dress. The end.

Now, here is the dress/outfit from both stories for your reference:

{Dress: Can't remember! Cardi: H&M 11.99, Belt: Kohls 3.99, Shoes: Forever Young 9.99}

Did I sort of feel like one of those red hat club ladies in all that red and purple? Sure. But I also felt Eastery and springy, and I ate enough chocolate eggs in that outfit to help to curb any insecurities I might have had.

 Hope your Easter was lovely too!