Easter Dress #4.

Today is my last day of classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it appears that I am excited, however I am so freaking out of my mind overloaded with finals stuff that I am afraid I don't have time to say much today.

Do you remember the infamous Saved by the Bell episode where Jessie was addicted to...prepare yourself...caffeine pills? And she freaks out at Zack and screams "There's no time! There's never any tiiiiiime!!!" That's me. Today. However, I somehow was able to spend the last half hour looking for that very Saved by the Bell clip on YouTube because that was ground breaking TV and I wanted you to see it more than I wanted to study for my finals. Worth it.

Also, I have our last Easter dress for you! This is C, our sister-in-law, and she is freaking cool. She has a totally unique style that is all her own and I love it. She isn't afraid of color or layers or anything. Also, I LOVE stripes and florals together, a fact which will be attested to by the floral/stripes collage at the end of this post.

{Sorry I don't have the details! If you are curious about anything
email me and I will ask her!}

And if you wanna be like C, you can find all of these
fab floral/striped lovelies at F21, all under $25:

And now for your viewing pleasure, the saga of Jessie and the caffeine pills.
Make sure you have tissues handy:

Saved by the Bell: The Addict Years
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Happy Thursday!