We Are Family...

When W and I first started planning this blog, one thing was very hard for us to accept-- showing our faces. We really aren't hideous. Maybe just awkward or something. You definitely wouldn't take us seriously if we pulled a Kristine or Ashley. They are SO good at what they do. Anyway, we knew that until we had a some sort of following (like more than ten) we didn't want to disclose our identity, just in case it was a total failure. We even waited until we had 100 followers before telling our own mother.

When we told mom, we made it very clear that this whole thing was a secret. We wouldn't even let her tell our dad. Well, bless mom's heart, less than a week later I saw our blog link being sent from her to her sister, our aunt, on Facebook. Awesome. Needless to say, the "secret" didn't last, and it has now spread like wildfire among our family and friends.

So, I want to say hi, family members and friends who read this. Thanks for reading even though you know what our faces look like, how obnoxious we can be, and how un-stylish we are the majority of the time. We love you.

I also want to say hi to those of you who read even though you don't know what our faces look like. We are so glad you found us. And we love you, too.

And since it is just a big love fest we have going on right now, it seems like a perfect time to tell you how much I really love this dress I found the other day.

{dress: 13.99 ROSS, blazer: 8.00 DI, necklace: came on a shirt from Kohl's, shoes: 21.99 ROSS}
You like?

Be honest. We are all family here.