Winter Blues

So here is what we woke up to this morning (picture taken from my phone):
Way cool, right? 


I don't know why I keep getting shocked when it snows through May in Utah. I have lived here since I was 8, for crying out loud. But it gets me every time. I start to think maybe the seasons will actually follow the dates on the calendar (March 21st=Spring). I am dillusional, I guess.

Anyway, as a result of this weather, today I am wearing all black, hair slicked back, and rain boots. It's not really pretty. Sharing a photo of how I look today would defeat the purpose of this blog... the discussion of pretty things. 

So I am going to go ahead and share a photo from my stock pile that I keep for days just like today. Its springy, not like today. Its bright, not like today. But it is pretty, and it is cheap. Just like everyday. Enjoy.

 {top: 9.99 Ross, skirt: 9.99 MetroStyle, belt: 1.00 thrifted, shoes: 8.50 Ebay}

I will just continue dreaming about the time I will get to dress like this regularly. Winter, go away already.

Yours truly, 


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