Vintage to the max

So I got this awesome vintage skirt a couple weeks ago. It had the JC Penney price tag on it, circa 1975, and everything. Such a great find.

It had just been sitting in my closet until last weekend when I was feeling especially ambitious (Seriously, I built myself a dresser, reorganized my jewelry collection, got tons of homework done, baked the most amazing peach cobbler, and sewed everything in my 'alter' pile... what do you expect me to do while my husband is watching March Madness?).  Anyway, I pulled it out because I had yet to wear it and was bound and determined to style this baby.

So I took a couple inches off the length, belted it, added a girly blouse and wedges, and BAM... success. Don't you think?
 {skirt: 4.00 thrifted, shirt: 0.00 took from my mom's closet, belt: 8.99 TJ Maxx, wedges: 16.99 Target}

Also, just for your information and benefit, I was curiously Googling "Vintage Plaid Skirts" and these things are everywhere. So get your hands on one ASAP. You will not regret it.

...Now let's announce us a giveaway winner!

Congratulations Ariel! Email us at with your address and we'll talk logistics.

Oh ya, and Happy Monday!