Swimsuits or Swimmers.

{Cute Mrs. S sent me this little post for today. If you recall she is now on the high seas on her way to Cabo San Lucas for the week. Yes, you may hate on her for the next few days. After reading it, it's obvious that this girl has got the beach on the brain. NOT. FAIR. Oh well, lets just imagine that she is getting a real bad sunburn or stung by a swarm of jelly fish or something while we read. Yes, it is working! I feel better already! Happy Monday! -W.}

Let's talk about swimming suits. We call them "swimmers" in our family.

But let me tell you in advance that this post will not end with a picture of me in a swimmer. There will definitely be a picture of me fully clothed. Be happy about that.

I will start with a story. In preparation for my cruise, I was looking for a one piece strapless swimsuit. Classy. Flattering. And no tan lines in the shoulder/upper back area. Perfect, right? Well, one day I found it... the swimmer of my dreams. This was THE one (and is still available at Target). 

I loved the polka dots, I loved the rouching in the stomach area, I loved everything about it. There was just one problem: there was no way that swimmer was going to stay up. You see, to wear a strapless swimsuit, and especially this particular suit, you gotta have, well, you know, stuff to keep them up. And let's just say, my mother didn't bless me to be well-endowed in that area. So I let it go. I left my dream swimmer behind.

Now, can you please tell me if I am the only person this has happened to and what (if any) solutions there are to this dilemma? Any swimsuits that you absolutely love? Any fits that are perfection? Do share.

 At this point I will go ahead and focus on clothes that do stay on me. Like these ones. 

Top: Thrifted $4.00, Pants: Ross $9.99, Necklace: Claires $3.99, Shoes: ??

That's better.