Show Your Stripes.

I like striped things. Fudge striped cookies. Neopolitan ice cream. French fries (ok, so they aren't striped exactly but if you lay them side by side what do you get? That's right, I'm a food textile genius).

I especially like striped clothes, like this dress, for instance:

Dress: ROSS $7.99, Belt: F21 $2.99, Cardi: Old Navy $12.99,
Necklace: Walmart $5, Leggings: ROSS $4.99, Shoes: Payless $8.99

It's like a big striped t-shirt, but it's a dress. If I were ever to meet the person who came up with these kinds of clothes I would kiss them. Hard. Probably just on the cheek since I'm a happily married lady, and everything. But I would surely make my feelings of adoration known.

And take a look at these striped lovelies you can get at F21 right now, all $19.80 and under. Heaven in a clothing item, I tell you.

Shop: 1, 2, 3, 4

Now, please feel free to list your favorite striped food/clothing item in the comments. Preferably food. Clothing if you must. GO!