Now you see me...Now you don't.

Today I am blending.

Do you ever do that? Blending? You know, where you just want to put on clothes that are cute enough to wear but won't really draw much attention to you, that are as comfy as you can get without wearing your pj's, and will just get you through a long day until you can get home and put on your actual pj's? Well, that's my outfit today, consisting of jeggings (bless those suckers. I love em), t-shirt, long boyfriend cardigan.

And to make myself blend even more I happen to be wearing an army green cardi so I am pretty much camoflauged. I hope to blend into my surroundings enough that perhaps I can just sit back in my office and read InStyle and drink my Diet Coke without anyone getting all up in my business.

Having a blending kind of Tuesday yourself? Here are a couple of pretty little army green things you can throw on and blend in with, all $18 or under!

Shop: Necklace, Earrings, Dress, Polish, Scarf

And, while I know you can barely see me in my camoflauged state,
I will still post my outfit for those of you with more acute vision:

Cardigan: Old Navy $18.00, Shirt: F21 $4.99, Jeggings: Walmart: $4.00,
Boots: F21 $21.99, Necklace: Homemade

Happy Blending Tuesday Lovelies!
Have I told you lately that I really like you? Well I do.
Thanks so much for reading.

PS. Have you entered?