I'm Back!!!

So here I am. Back in Utah. Back from the bliss that is a cruise ship and Mexico. Back from 78 degree weather. Back at work/school. And its Monday. Not my happiest day. 

Just a few cruise highlights {you may skip if you are bitter}:
  1. Lots of food. Too much food.
  2. The convention of homosexual men on the ship (like more than 100). I have nothing against them, I swear. I just have never been exposed to anything of that kind. It was really really really entertaining. 
  3. Almost getting bucked off a horse on the $90 horseback ride we took through the desert. Not quite the beach paradise ride we were told it would be.
  4. Watching for whales on our balcony for hours. All I wanted was to see a whale. Finally I saw one's tail and it spouted water out of it's blow hole. AMAZE. ING.
  5. And of course, sobbing my eyes out thinking I was going to die in a tsunami. My WORST nightmare. It didn't help that we watched a show the night before about the enormous tsunami that will someday take out Los Angeles when a portion of Hawaii's Big Island collapses into the ocean.  
Moving on...

I am feeling less than creative on this dreadful Monday. So I found some major inspiration for my outfit. Okay, not quite inspiration. Actually, I copied it. I straight up copied it. Check it.

The version from LOFT:

My version:
{shirt: Old Navy 8.49, skirt: ROSS 11.99, belt: TJ Maxx 8.99, shoes: Shiekh Shoes 21.50, necklace: gifted}

Not bad, huh? So cool that I had similar items.

Well, I missed you all while I was away, I really did. So, how about we announce our giveaway winner!
Congratulations Jess!  Email us at prettylifeanonymous@gmail.com with your address so we can get that to you ASAP.