It is so wet and rainy here that an outfit picture just wasn't in the cards for today. I didn't want to be out in it. My socks were wet the second I stepped out of the house. These are the things that make me want to stay inside with my space heater and my poptarts.

So, instead of what I'm wearing on this St. Patricks day, I give you some little green things because this blog is certainly not getting pinched today:

1. Damask wallpaper in my kitchen 2. My mint nails 3. My little green flats
4. Yummy cupcake from lunch yesterday 5. My soaked green umbrella 6. My green bucket of nail polish

Isn't today the kind of day that you wish you were still in first grade? The teacher's forget all about math and reading and the whole day you just eat green treats until you are sick and play games about leprechauns? Me too. 

But we are adults around here and someone's gotta bring home the bacon. The good thing is that at least we can use that bacon to buy ourselves some pretty things, like these 3 little green treasures that are all pretty good deals:

Here $24

Here $4

Here $12

Take that 1st graders with your St. Patricks day parties!
I'll take a sassy pencil skirt over you and your
all-day-green-treat parties any day!

{Ok, maybe I wouldn't, but us grown ups gotta stay positive.}

happy st. patricks day!