Floral. Lot's of it.

So, like we've said before, S and I are not fashionistas. We LOVE clothes, yes, but we don't like, follow fashion week or get all twisted up inside over designers. Mostly this is because of the pricetag associated with designer clothing which I find to be completely ridiculous especially when there are people who can't even afford clothes all over the world and here people are selling a skirt for $1500! But I digress...

So, even though I am not a fashionista I do love me a good fashion magazine like InStyle with pretty clothes by designers that I can copy like this springy floral collection by Dolce and Gabbana:

So many pretty flowery things! SO outrageously expensive! But do we let it get us down?! NO! Can we still have fab clothes without spending more than we make in a month on a single outfit? YES!

{Right now I am totally picturing us all in a new fashion version of Newsies, chanting in the street about clothing designer oppression and we are all about to burst into song. And Christian Bale is there, reprising his role as Jack "Cowboy" Kelly, except more fashionable.}

Here are a bunch of darling little floral numbers all $30 or much less:

Shop: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

And here is my floral ensemble, mostly found while thrifting:
Cardigan: gift, Dress: Thrifted $4, Belt: Thrifted $1, Tights: Walmart $2, Boots: GoJane $9.99

My entire outfit under $18! Take that Dolce and Gabana!
Everybody sing it with me! "Open the gates and ceeease the day..."

You may now leave your Newsies crush in the comments. Mine was Spot. Go.