Did You Know? W Edition.

Since y'all are so great to put up with our facelessness day in and day out, W and I thought it would be fun if we each did a 'did you know' post about the other sister so you could learn a little more about us. I am going first and I came up with some juicy stuff about Ms. W! 

This is W:
Blazer: Thrifted $4, Lace Top: Charlotte Russe $9.99,
Jeans F21: $9, Shoes: Thrifted $3, Necklace: F21 $8.99

Summary: W is 26, has been married 3.5 years, has a little kitty that she likes to hold like a baby, and she knows every word to every 'Friends' episode ever created.  

Now for the good stuff.

Did you know....
  1. W had a lazy eye when she was 6 years old and had to wear glasses with coke bottle lenses. We're talking a centimeter thick.
  2. W is an extremely talented singer.
  3. W is a major bookworm. That's why she is studying English in college.
  4. W loves Diet Coke (if you haven't already gathered that from her posts).
  5. W has had blonde hair her whole life, but has recently gone brown and rocks it.
  6. W loved canned chili as a teenager, and would get caught eating it in middle of the night by the parents. Let's just sum this one up by saying the girl LOVES her processed foods.
  7. W ran a half marathon and finished in great time. Which is really impressive because she is just a short little thing.
  8. W always wants Almond Roca in her stocking for Christmas.
  9. W knows the lyrics to almost every song ever.
  10. W is my BFF.       

Anything else you want to know about W? I know all of her deepest darkest secrets and I will dish! Mwahahahaha.


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