Did You Know? S Edition.

This is S:

Summary: S is 23, she has been married for 1.5 years, she is a clean freak, a graduate student, a really good present giver and a lover of juicy reality TV.

Now for the good stuff. Did you know?:

1. S is a Food Network junkie. Heck, it doesn't even have to be Food Network, if there is a show about food on she will be watching it. Especially ones about cakes or cupcakes or cakes and cupcakes together. Which brings me to #2:

2. Perhaps as a result of her affections for TV shows involving treats, she is the baking queen. I especially enjoy her homemade oreos.

3. She is obsessed with cartoon movies. Her favs are Goofy Movie and Anastasia.

4. She is insanely musically talented and taught herself to play the piano when she was just a youngster.

5. She is the more stylish one. It's true. So much so that when she buys something new she knows she can't tell me where she got it from because there have been too many times that I have snuck out and bought the same thing. I can't help it. She finds cute stuff.

6. She is obsessed with having a plan. She always has a planner. And it is always packed with stuff.

7. She is smart. REAL smart. I really think she knows at least something about everything. And she is putting those smarts to good use working on a master's in instructional technology. You may address all questions about what the heck that means to her.

8. She LOVES dried mangoes.

9. She is magnetic. For real. People can't help but want to be by her when they meet her. When we walk through the student center together at lunch we can never get through it without stopping to talk to like 500 people along the way because everyone adores her. This is kind of anonying too, especially when my pizza is getting cold because we have to stop AGAIN.

10. She is my sanity. Seriously. Couldn't live without her. I'm not being dramatic here, its just the truth.

Anything else you want to know?
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