Validate me. Please.

I don't know why I always talk about TV. I promise, I do way more than sit around watching American Idol, What Not to Wear, and the Bachelor (which I am going to talk about here) all day. I promise.


I really consider the Bachelor one of the best shows on television. Aside from most of the girls being really annoying, it has the recipe for success in my book, and I think about the show all the time. Listen...

(Insert reasons I like the show here.)


Okay, so now I am saying to myself "Wait... why do I like this show again?" And to you I answer, I don't know. I just do. I really really do.

If you like it too, please share why so I can get some validation here.

Okay let's get on track. Here are the last few days of 30 for 30 clothing. I will fore-go the prices of each item (there are a lot), but you should know that nothing pictured here cost more than $15.99.Untitled-1.jpg



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