A poll of sorts.

After such an AMAZING response with the heels thing, I wanted to utilize this network of stylish blogger friends, and get some input on something. Well a few things actually. Things that I am in limbo about. Stylistically speaking.

Please share your thoughts on the following:
  1. The maxi dress
  2. Shorts over tights
  3. Flare pants (and I mean FLARE pants)
  4. Lace-up boots
  5. Fur vests
  6. Large, fake glasses
Some of these things I already have opinions about, others I am still deciding, but I would love to hear arguments for and against so I can make educated decisions about them. Ready....


And then look at days 24-26. Or don't. Just whatever you wanna do.

You guys ROCK. And don't forget the giveaway, which wraps up soon. 


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