The Magic.

Is anyone else totally obsessed with Steven Tyler as a judge on American Idol? I can't take my eyes off him. And I hang on every word he says. And every move he makes. And everything he does. And I love him.

I have been a sporadic follower of A.I. since the era of Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini {From Justin to Kelly anyone?}. Also, loved me some Clay Aiken. Could definitely do without Fantasia whatever her last name was. And continuously lost interest each season...until now. And I'll tell you what, American Idol minus Simon Cowell minus Paula Abdul plus J-Lo plus Steven Tyler equals MAGIC.

Something else magical?

Inexpensive and pretty clothing. As seen below in days 2 and 3 of 30 for 30.

{DAY 1- shirt: free (Kohls cash, baby); pants: 10.00, Aeropostale; belt: 12.99, TJ Maxx; boots: 13.99, Pacsun}
{DAY 2- shirt: free (Kohls cash, again); pants: 8.50, Shopko; shoes: 21.99, Target; necklace: 8.00, Claires; Belt: 6.99, ROSS:}

I would also like to share something not SO magical: when your husband buys you new pretty pretty black heels for an early Valentines Day present (so sweet), but you can't wear them for 27 days because you are doing the 30 for 30.


I guess I will just wear them around the house, or display them somewhere I can look at them lots.  

Yours truly,


And don't you dare forget about our fab giveaway! I swear I am going to find a way to win it for myself!

Ok, I am kidding.

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