Down. With. Monday.

It's Monday, folks. And I mean it's REALLY Monday.

I just worked for like an hour on a sassy little post with outfits and collages and witty commentary and life altering fashion genius {ok, no, nothing life altering or genius really, but I thought it was pretty good}, and just as I was going to post there was some sort of computer freezing problem, Windows told me it was closing everything, and my post got sucked into internet oblivion.

I said bad words. Loudly.

As a result, I now give you a second-rate, hodgepodge post, consisting of the following:

1. My favorite Oscar dresses:

Feathers! Sparkles! Those arms! Amazing.

I would kill for that pony tail. Serious.

As a person, she's not my fav but this dress is fab.
If I were to go to the Oscars I would want to wear red.
And be Sandra Bullock.

My favorite. {What were yours?}

2. What I'm wearing today {which I really don't want to post after the Oscar dresses since it is neither red, nor sparkly, nor does it have a train. Oh well.}:

Dress: Old Navy $6.99, Cardigan: Target $9.99, Belt F21 $2.99, Tights: Khols $5.00, Boots: GoJane $11.99

3. And the winner of our houndstooth giveaway:

So, yes, that is my post today. Not my best work, but like I said, Monday, post-eating computer, etc.

Don't worry, I have big plans to show this Monday who's boss and come out triumphant maybe on Wednesday or something. After all, with a little Diet Coke, and a little Bachelor watching tonight, anything is possible.

Happy show-Monday-who's-boss day!


PS. Congratulations to Rachel! Email us at and we will get you your prize! Thanks to all who entered!!