One of the times when writing a blog anonymously comes in real handy is when you need to make a confession. This is one of those times. Please close your browser now if you have any interest in maintaining any semblance of respect for me.

So, last week I was watching TV and nothing was on. I flipped through the channels and inocently stopped on QVC because there was this girl on there with a really cute hair cut. Then I saw they were talking about eyeliner, so I put down the remote. Then as the segment was ending they said they were going to be talking about mascara next, so I kept watching. Then the mascara segment ended and an eyeshadow segment began. Then a foundation segment. Then a lipstick segment. Before I knew it, nearly 2 hours had gone by as I watched.

That's pretty bad, huh? Well that is going to seem like small grapes compared to the case of watermelons I'm about to drop on you. 

Now, as I was saying, I kept watching and in the last segment was a kit, with ALL THE THINGS FROM THE OTHER SEGMENTS! In that moment it was like my hand became separate from my body as it lifted up the phone to dial. Before I knew it I was on the phone with Rita from QVC ordering a box of makeup that cost more than what I spend on electricity for my house.

Yes. That's right. I watched QVC for a long time. Then I called and ordered something from them. Like some 68 year old cat lady in a teal polyester pant suit with a sequined snowman pin on the lapel.

I have photographic evidence:

It is shameful. I know. However, I should tell you that stuff I bought really is pretty great. Not 2 hours of my life watching QVC then an empty bank account later great, but it is what it is.

The one redeeming thing I can say about all this is that in a normal, real-life shopping situation I am pretty much the deal whisperer, so my eye for cheap clothes is helping to mend both my reputation and my bank account after my QVC encounter.

Case in point: My new plaid shirt dress I got for $7.49 at Old Navy:

Cute right? And CHEAP.
Take that QVC! You little conartist with your cute haircuts and long wear eyeliner. You don't scare me!

Phew. Thanks for listening. I feel much better


PS. Have you entered?