You're So Vain.

I will make a confession now.

At my work I've got 2 big computer monitors. Yes, I know, you are all astounded by my fanciness, but that isn't the confession. You see, when they are turned off you can see your reflection pretty well, and sometimes, when I look frazzled or need a make-up touch up, or a hair fluff I turn the monitors off and, you know, primp.

I am shameless. You may judge.

So, this setup was going pretty well until one day I was meticulously re-applying some lipstick and my boss came strolling by and sees me staring at myself in my darkened computer monitor like some kind of egotistic weirdo who enjoys taking a break at work not to get a drink, or visit the vending machines, but to look at oneself. It was awkward. And what made it even worse was we made eye contact for like 3 seconds but he didn't utter a word, he just kept walking. It would have been fine had he said something like, "So, you turn your computer off and look at yourself, huh? That's weird." But no, just palpable silence and a brisk walk away from the strange computer/mirror girl.

So now I only do it when there is a really good reason to, like if I just came in from a rainstorm or, in today's case, if I have on a really cute statement necklace and I want to keep reminding myself how cute it is {like I said, shameless}.

So that, my friends, is my e-narcissism confession for today. Please feel free to diclose your revelations of vanity in your comments. This is a safe place.

And, speaking of statement necklaces, these chain-link beauties have S and I all hot and bothered these days:


1. Alexis Bittar 'Ivory Coast' Clustered Link Necklace $545
2. F21 A Bold Catch Necklace $10.80
3. Target Jute String Necklace $19.99
4. Louis Vuitton Floral Detail Chain Necklace $1265
5. Lanvin Braided Chain Necklace $1660
6. ABS Allen Schwartz Woven Link Bracelet $129

I. Love. Them. All.

Can you believe people will buy necklaces for over $1000? Wild! Me? I prefer spending $3.99 on mine from a clearance rack at Claires and using the other $996.01 for things like food, more clothes, etc.  

But really, I got mine for $3.99 on a clearance rack at Claires. And here she is:

Necklace Claires $3.99, Sweater $10.99 F21, Belt $2.99 F21, Pants 12.99 F21, Boots $21.99 F21

$3.99 and I'm not yanking your chain!

 Get it? Chain?

I've been dying to say that since I bought the necklace.
Thanks for your patience.