Sweat It Out.

I looooove to wear sweats.

If I could do homework/housework/schoolwork as fast as I can get into my sweats at the end of the day I would really be getting somewhere. I don't care if they are ill-fitting, fraying, say things like "juicy" on the butt etc. Sweats are about comfort, people. When I put them on its like a big hug, and they make me want to hug too, which husbands sure like, so it's win-win.
Here's the thing I don't like about sweats: Seeing them walking past me on a grown woman at the grocery store, or on the girl sitting next to me in class {I saw BOTH today}. This stresses me.

It makes me want to shake said shopper or student and say things like, "Hey girl! Those sweats look real comfy, sure, but you are over 20 and this is the place dressed people come! Respect yourself, won't you! Get dressed! Get dreeeeeeeeessssed!"
People would look at me as I yelled, they would judge, but in the end, I would be doing the girl and everyone else a service, because really, it is just as easy and comfy to throw on a cute dress-boots-leggings combo, and you wouldn't look like you should be sitting at the breakfast table eating a bowl of chex with General Hospital playing in the background. Feel me?

One such dress might be this adorable little houndstooth number by Kate Spade for $395. $395 is really not that much less than what I pay for rent every month, so thank heavens for ROSS so I can have a place to live and fulfill my Kate Spade dreams in a small way.



Dress $16.99 ROSS, Boots $21.99 GoJane.com