In the Dark of the Night.

The other night I couldn't fall asleep and I had the song "In the Dark of the Night" from the Anastasia cartoon movie {You know, the one with Dimitri? The hottest of all cartoon guys?} stuck in my head (SO weird), and I was getting all ticked off because I had a long day the next day and needed my rest. 

You know those nights... where no matter what you do, no matter which way you lay, no matter how hard you try to clear your head, you just cannot fall asleep. And hubs is fast asleep, and the house is making the freakiest noises, and you are positive that someone is downstairs. Then you start thinking of all the things you forgot to do that day, and consider getting up to do them, but are too scared because, well, what if there really is someone waiting to get you when you walk into the family room?

Worst. nights. ever.

But then around 2 am or whenever, your body realizes it does indeed need sleep and pulls a fast one and BAM... all of a sudden you are zonked, and a few short hours later you are pulled from REM and having to face the real world.  Booo...

In that situation, when you so badly want to throw the alarm clock across the room and go to school/work in your sweats/comfies, please don't do it. Instead, you need to get up, put on some of your finest threads, and fix yourself a big fat Diet Coke (or booster beverage of choice). Because what is better than knowing your outfit rocks, even if you got no sleep and feel like crap?

This is the outfit that got me through the day after my rough night:



{cardigan: Maurices, $20; shirt: Ross, $16.99; pants: Old Navy, $19; necklace: Claire's, $4; shoes: Target, $18.99}

W and I like to lovingly refer to these kinds of scenarios on these kinds of days as "Outifit Overcompensation" because it is amazing how much better you feel after a sleepless night, or on a day when you really should have washed your hair but did a slicked back bun instead, if you have on a fab outfit to pull you through. 

So, if the score from Anastasia is plaguing your nights too, rest assured {I guess, not really "rest" since, you know, this is about not resting, it's just a figure of get what I'm saying} that while you'll be experiencing a day of borderline exhaustion, there is always putting a pair of sassy heels with little bows, a fab statement necklace, or a great fitting pair of trousers to lift your tired spirits.

And if that doesn't work there is always retail therapy, caffeine, and Dairy Queen. Bless them.


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