oh, give me a break.

There's this girl in my classes that gets mad at me for my clothes every day. We're not talking mad like you're-not-following-dress-code mad, but a different mad. This is how it goes:

Girl: S let me see what you are wearing? 
I stand up or take off my coat to let girl see my outfit.
Girl: Ugh!!! S!!! (she yells)
Me: ... ya?
Girl then does some sort of eye-rolling/dismissive gesture so I will leave her presence.

So here's what I am guessing is going on: A) she thinks my clothes are ugly (of course I really don't care), B) she thinks my clothes are just weird and entertaining (again, don't care), or C) she is totally jealous that I can find some pretty rockin' items of clothing for mere pocket change, and that is what she is "ugh"-ing about.

Let's go with that one.

Here are a few more of those cheap cheap cheap pretty outfits based on the one and only gingham shirt, which is EVERYWHERE right now, and as a matter of fact, is sold at Anthropologie for $78.00 (we got ours for $4.79 at Old Navy). 

{blazer- DI $8; belt- Kohls free-ish (came with $4 clearance pants); pants- Aeropostale $10; shoes- ROSS $9.99 in 2005}

Photobucket{sweater-F21 18.99; belt-Kohls $2.99 ; jeans-Old Navy 7.99 ; boots-F21 21.99}

{blazer- DI $8; skirt- DI $4; shoes- ROSS $9.99 in 2005}

Now, I don't think these prices are anything to get mad about.  And if she wants me to teach her how its done, all she has to do is ask. I'd be glad to help.