Mustard, Purple, and Tiny Little Flowers.

I will preface my remarks by saying GOODBYE January! You are my least favorite month of the year. You are like, the Monday of the months and you are no good. See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya.

Thanks for listening. Now, onward.

Last night on our way to a little dessert party with friends my husband's car got a flat tire. Those kinds of things make me want to die, but luckily we called S and her hubs to come help rescue us. While the boys changed the tire, S and I sat in the warm heated car and discussed really important blog business, mainly, the highly anticipated 30 for 30 which begins tomorrow.

I'll say it: I am scared of it. I am no good with commitment. Especially when it comes to clothes. Sometimes in the middle of the day I will go home and change just because I feel like I didn't make the right choice. There is no way I can commit to choosing a wardrobe for 30 days. I'm afraid the challenge is beyond my fashion capabilities.

Therefore, S, the heroin of the pretty life blog, has courageously agreed to take one for the pretty life team and accept the challenge. She will represent her blog well. Plus, she's got cute clothes, so there's that.

Now, here is my little outfit I wore to try to bring some spring to Utah. {It didn't work. Like I said, January, you are the worst.}

 Cardigan: Old Navy $4.99, Blouse: H&M $11.99, Skirt: Kohls $5.99, Tights: F21 $3.99, Shoes: Forever Young $9.99

S calls these my Mary Poppins shoes and one of my professors told me it looked like I had jaundice when I wore these tights, so put the two together and I think we are in for some serious outfit success.

Happy Monday, and Happy HAPPY last day of January {you snowy punk}.