I have this problem called "I clench my jaw so hard at night and wake up in the morning with the worst jaw-ache and want to rip my head off." 

I guess I'm incredibly high-strung or stressed. Or something like that.

But let me tell you something that is NOT stressful: taking inspiration from others for clothing (a.k.a. copying other people's genius ideas).  If you are like me, it gets exhausting thinking of new outfits all the time, so I decided to do a little re-making.

Here is the first attempt inspired by this darling Gap outfit, which is perfect for any casual day:

And here is my version:

Let's compare some prices just to top this off:

Gap version:
My version:
Uh, hello?!  That's a $133.50 difference, people! 

That's enough to cure my jaw-clenching for good.


p.s. Our blog has been alive for one whole week now with 20 faithful followers. 

Thanks so much for reading!