The Inaugural Post.

I am feeling real nervous about what to say, on this, the first post of mine and S's blog. It's a lot of pressure you know?

Like a first impression on the first day of school or something. We don't want to be the girls that, after meeting us, you turn around, tell your friends you thought our foundation didn't match our neck, and hope you never bump into us again.

We want you to like us! Like us, won't you??

So, I thought about what outfit to post, or what pretty thing to start off with, and then S and I were simultaneously watching Ellen on TV while MSN-ing each other, and this handsome man came on singing this lovely song and we were both drooling over the whole thing and I thought to myself, "hey, I should post that on the blog" because you can't not love it, which I hope will be a recurring theme on this blog.

So, what I'm trying to say is watch this and let it make you happy:

Aaaaamazing right? I thought you would like it.

Phew. Post #1 complete. 
Only good places to go from here!