exhibit A

So, here's the deal... W and I both have major shopping problems.  We're talking, if there's only $9.99 left in our bank account, we will head right on over to ROSS because that's enough to get a shirt. 

This could be a major dilemma, especially since we are both poor and married boys who are tight-wads. 

The good news is we are good shoppers; REALLY good shoppers, with max spending limits of $25 per item, and even that price is a struggle.  So tell me how my sweet frugal husband can get upset with me when I come home with an outfit that cost $18 total, or three pairs of jeans for me + three shirts for him for $34.91.  Its just not possible. Problem solved.

We have decided that it's time we share our gift.  With you. 

Exhibit A: the striped nautical shirt 

Found here for $65.00, purchased by yours truly for $3.99, and styled just so...

{skirt- F21, 10.99; cardigan- Old Navy, 9.99; shoes- Steve Madden@Ross, 8.99; necklace- Charlotte Russe, 3.99}

{blazer- Ross/Gift, 24.99/Free; gray jeans- Aeropostale, 10.00; belt- TJ Maxx, 8.99; boots- PacSun, 13.99}

And that's that.  Thoughts?