Friday, April 18, 2014

Dress Week // Part 3

Hey blog world! It's me, Sam. I am back from my blog hiatus and ready to talk about what has happened since I last graced the PLA.

First, thank you so much for all your kind words, well wishes, and prayers the last few weeks. It has sure been a whirlwind, but I can tell you that I have learned in a major way that people are SO good, and your support has solidified that fact for me.

Second, baby C is doing really well. He has sure been a trooper, and we have the highest hopes for him. We still have a battle ahead of us the next couple months, and we are sure we will see many ups and downs during that time. But we have every confidence in the care being given to him and expect our little boy to come out of this healthy and strong. Also, you should know that he is so so so so cute. Like SO cute.

Last, I want you to know that this dress was purchased to wear on a pregnant body, which would have been so cute, right? But that pregnancy had a little bit of an abrupt end, as you know, so I had to make it work on a non-pregnant body, which sort of resulted in making me look kinda pregnant again. An empire waist has that effect sometimes. Pregnant or not, though, I would never turn down a fox print. Nor would I turn down an opportunity to use fox puns. For instance, "Dress Week just got foxy!"

It's good to have me back, huh?
xo, Sam

Dress: c/o Oasap
Leggings: Kohls $12
Necklace: Mom's
Flats: c/o White Plum

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dress Week // Part 2

Well, hi there! Dress week continues here on the PLA and on this, the second dress post of dress week I am wearing the dress seen 'round the blog world. LOTS blogger hotties have worn this dress. See here: Madeline, Corilynn, and Brittany.

Now, aside from its obvious cuteness, I would suspect that the popularity of this dress has something to do with the fact that this sucker is a steal (under $30) and has a cut that could flatter just about anybody. Also, it's soooo ladylike which totally fits me, the girl who considers hot dogs to pretty much be a food group, and the most delicious one. So, ya, the dress seen 'round the blog world is a good one. I mean, it helps solidify my mantra: Look like a lady, eat like a trucker. 

ox. Liz
Dress: c/o 6ks
Necklace: NY&Co 12.99
Shoes: Sheikh Shoes 14.99

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dress Week!

I'm going to go ahead and declare this week to be dress week since Easter is on its way, bringing with it lots of springy, frilly, flowy, pretty dresses! As a result, we are going to be posting a couple of our fave dresses we have come across lately, perf for Easter, or frolicking out in the spring weather. I loooove it. Almost as much as I love all of the varieties of egg-shaped candy that also comes along with the holiday. 

This first dress is a totally affordable little number from Oasap that is under $40 + free shipping! If I were rating this dress by Easter candy I would give it 4 Reese's eggs. That's like, a really good rating. I would know. I know my Easter candy. 

Happy dress week!
Dress: c/o Oasap
Shoes: Sheikh Shoes 13.99

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